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WestLab's Pure Salts Tote Polished New Packaging for Fall 2017

NEW YORK, NY (August 11, 2017) — Since its introduction to the bath and body market in 2004, WestLab has created an all-natural collection of affordable bathing salts focused on the holistic natural remedies of Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom salts to address a range of skin care needs. This fall the international salt expert’s pure, unscented line will tote new packaging with a clean, modern aesthetic.


“Previously our mantra was premium quality mineral salts with a no fuss approach to packaging,” said Vincent Gallick, CEO and Director of WestLab U.S. “We have decided to match our premium quality mineral bathing salts with an equally premium design including a window on the front to view our products. I would describe our new design as fresh and minimalistic.”

Founded on the belief that healthy, glowing skin shouldn’t be compromised by harmful ingredients or financial constraint, WestLab’s signature collection is based on the desire to provide the best pure-salt products on the market at a drugstore beauty price.


The newly packaged, premium quality salts include:


Relaxing Magnesium Flakes – Zechstein sourced, the purest, natural Magnesium in the World. WestLab’s Magnesium Flakes promote cell metabolism, speeds up healing of skin tissue, soothes damaged skin, protects skin from microbes that cause allergies, helps with muscle relaxation.


Soothing Dead Sea Bathing Salt – From the depths of the Dead Sea, WestLab’s genuine salts have been renowned for their therapeutic benefits since ancient times to help soften and soothe dry, itchy skin. 


Reviving Epsom Bathing Salt – Ideal for sports recovery and muscle relaxation, Westlab’s Epsom Salt is the perfect product for sports and fitness enthusiasts as it's tried and tested mineral compound of magnesium sulphate helps detoxify and relax the muscles.


Cleansing Himalayan Bathing Salt – WestLab sources the highest quality Himalayan salt crystals, known for their detoxifying properties. The pretty pink crystals have been around for millions of years and contain an impressive 84 minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium.

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